A Year of Business and Being Grateful

A Year of Business and Being Grateful

It's officially been a year since this business started!

Last January 2020 I had an idea to make sewing portable and easily accessible to people. The idea came from being on a trip in Europe and wishing I could've brought my hobby with me in the relaxing moments we spent on the beach and at our residences. I launches Thimble & Snip about 6 months later and had no idea the response would be so great from people interested in handsewing. At the time, people were indoors, there was no vaccine, and being home was normal. I knew nothing about running a business, I knew nothing about Etsy (which was the only platform I was on at the time), and I'm still fairly new to handsewing really! The whole concept of this idea was a new one, and I'm so thankful that Sew Liberated, Sew House Seven, Sarah Kirsten and Friday Pattern Company decided to work with me on this project.

(above) My first handsewn outfit! A Strata Top and a pair of Free Range Slacks! 

As we were getting more into the thick of the pandemic I thought this would all be a flop. But during the first 4 months of the business starting I saw how much people really wanted to hand sew their own clothes! I had over 150 orders and I was working non stop. I made many mistakes and learned from them and then rebranded this year to Fibr & Cloth Studio to incorporate pattern making into my business. 

Being a one woman show is not easy. There are so many facets to this business in order to keep things running, but honestly I love what I do and the community I've built here, along with the hand sewing and mending community that has accepted me. 


As this business continues to grow I want to make it more sustainable for myself. I am just one person cutting these kits out and fulfilling orders so I plan to keep the pace of things small batch unless I hire an employee in the future. I hope to collaborate with more individuals to bring more making kits to the shop and encourage more slow stitching projects and conscious making habits. 

As for patterns I am currently working on a Zero Waste collection for next year. My goal was always to release a new pattern each season, but with the demand of the business, that is not feasible so releasing collections for the whole year is now my goal. I hope you love what I have coming! 

Thank you so much for reading and I'm excited for what the next year will bring! 


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