How often are hand-sewing kits restocked?

Kit restocks vary as there are many parts of Fibr & Cloth Studio to run! Usually I try to restock once a month on a small bath basis. To find out about restocks first, sign up for my newsletter HERE! 

How do you choose patterns for the hand-sewing kits? 

I begin with identifying designers that are committed to a sustainable aesthetic and are committed to creating a simple sewing experience. Usually patterns from these designers are easy to hand-sew and I choose patterns that have simple silhouettes with potential long lines of easy stitching.

I wasn't fast enough for a kit! Why are they in such small batches?? 

Though I sometimes use the word "we" to describe the "people" in this business (which may or may not include my husband depending on his own job), it is just me running this business. I am one person and am not able to cut large quantities of kits. Hopefully one day I will be able to expand to having an employee cutting some things for me, but until that time comes, small batch is where we are. Keep trying! 

Why is shipping so expensive for kits? 

Each kit hold about 1-2lbs of fabric depending on the size you requested. That's a heavy box! You can view our shipping page at the bottom of the website to understand our flat rate shipping charges. 


What style are your sewing patterns? 

Fibr & Cloth Studio patterns are designed with simplicity in mind. Inspired by the simple silhouettes of sustainable RTW, I approach garment sewing with an initiative to create patterns with simple construction but unique style and design that is easily customizable dependent on the wearer.
How are your sewing patterns sized? 
Our pattern sizing is meant to allow a comfortable amount of ease so that your garment fits you for years to come and is comfortable to wear. By providing an extensive size range we believe all should be able to benefit from our garment sewing patterns and fit them into their wardrobe. 
Are your sewing patterns made just for hand-sewing?

Not at all. Our sewing pattern collection is specifically made for machine sewing unless otherwise stated in the title. Some patterns have completely optional hand-sewing facets like slipstitching included in the instructions but again, these are optional and not required to complete the garment. 
Why are synthetic fibers not listed in your fabric requirements?
We believe that synthetic fibers are not beneficial for the body or earth friendly due to their chemical make up. We do however, understand that budgets fluctuate and not all can make room for natural fibers. In these cases, we suggest using a synthetic fiber with similar drape to the listed fabric suggestions for the pattern you are using.