Below is a list of partnerships Fibr & Cloth Studio is affiliated with in order to provide resources and discounts to the public. Please be advised that as a black owned business, Fibr & Cloth Studio does not affiliate itself with businesses that are against its values of anti-discrimination and anti-racism. We hope this list grows over time and that we can continue to partner with amazing companies and businesses to make sewing resources more accessible!


HAND SEWING KIT PARTNERS (as of September 30th, 2021)

Fibr & Cloth Studio has permission to sell patterns and distribute and sell hand-sewing instructions based off of the work of the following pattern companies:

Friday Pattern Co

Sarah Kirsten 

Sew Liberated 

Sew House Seven 



Indy Bindy Fabrics -

Indy Bindy Fabrics is an indie designer fabric company with fabrics made in Japan! The quality is top notch and Aims, the owner, has recently started a VIP program that includes discounts and priority shipping! Those who sign up for their VIP program can receive a regular discount from Fibr & Cloth Studio that is included in their membership package. Details can be found HERE.


Denise Bayron /Skillshare -

Denise Bayron is a maker, knitter, sewist, pattern designer and everything else in between. Those who sign up for her Skillshare class can receive a customized discount from Fibr & Cloth Studio found amidst the list of Black Owned businesses Denise has put together. You can sign up for her Skillshare class HERE


Patternsy - 

Patternsy is a UK based printing service that prints your sewing patterns on their durable custom printing paper, not tissue paper! The paper is also sewable! If you bought one of our early hand-sewing kits with a Strata Top, you've seen how amazing this paper can be. Receive 20% off with code HANDSEWING20 with any purchase from their website. You can visit the Patternsy website HERE.