Fibr & Cloth Studio is a slow sewing space and modern haberdashery dedicated to sustainability by way of encouraging slow making practices like sewing, hand sewing, and quilting.


My name is Alexis Bailey, and I'm so happy to have you here! Though I commonly refer to this business as "we", I am a one woman show except for the occasional assistance of my supportive husband. 

I began this business under the name Thimble & Snip after a trip to Europe in 2019 left me wanting to bring my favorite hobby, sewing, with me wherever I went. Why couldn't hand-sewing be just as cool as knitting, crochet and every other portable craft? When my business took off in 2020 I had no idea that the response would be as amazing as it was. So much so that I re-branded this space to Fibr & Cloth Studio in 2021 to make space for more mindful fiber crafts and hobbies especially my own sewing pattern collection dedicated to a mindful and timeless wardrobe, built to last years to come. 

With a commitment to providing a simple yet unique experience to creatives and slow sewing/fashion advocates alike, this space was created for those looking to experience the art of conscious making. I believe the DIY experience should be simple and accessible to all and that modern and stylish clothing should benefit us and make us feel good in every way, down to the very fibers of the cloth.

I hope this space provides you with everything you need to begin starting your own sustainable journey in your sewing or handwork/craft practices. 

Whatever making journey you're on, I'm so happy to have you here and to join you on that journey. 

Happy making!