Narrow Shoulder Adjustment for Photinia Top and Dress

Narrow Shoulder Adjustment for Photinia Top and Dress

Hey there friends! It's no secret that the Photinia has a lot of ease within each of its four sizes. Here's a fun fact though, the Photinia comes in only three sizes because adjusting the width is super simple, and I'm sharing how today for those who want less volume or have narrow shoulders. Read below to find out how to adjust the width of the Photinia to get a better fit and neckline according to your preferences.

One quick note! 

You may not need this tutorial if you are simply wanting a higher neckline for the front for more coverage. If this is the case you can simple use the back piece of the pattern in place of the front piece as the neckline is higher by 2 inches than the front piece and thus will give you more coverage. 

OK onto the tutorial! 


- Photinia Top & Dress Pattern (specifically the front and back pieces and the dress extension if applicable) 

- Optional: Ruler


First, why might you need to adjust the width of the neckline/top? If you have narrow shoulders or simply want the top/dress to have less volume, you may want to adjust the width of the pattern. Page three of your sewing instructions details how to adjust the pattern but this tutorial is a visual overview of those same instructions. 

Adjusting the width of the neckline is as simple as a fold. Determining how much you will want to bring in the pattern is a personal determination. I recommend making a muslin version if you are wanting to get the fit JUST right. If you're open to testing things I'd go with the following formula:

Size A: between 1-2"

Size B & C: between 2-4" (or more but keep reading) 

Remember these numbers will be multiplied by 2 because the pattern is cut on the fold. That being said, hypothetically if you were making size C and removing between 5-7" you may just prefer to make size B if your measurements allow as there is a good amount of ease in size B. 

Once you have a good idea of how much you want to bring in the pattern, fold the straight edge of the pattern in that much.

NOTE: Notice that the neckline for the front and back is curved and then becomes straight as it goes toward the center back/center front (the side that has the "fold" placement on it). You want to make sure you fold only along the straight part of the neckline. Try to avoid folding in on the curve so as to keep the integrity of the design.

And... That's it! You can now place your pattern on your fabric and cut as necessary with your new neckline! 

If you've been on the fence about purchasing the pattern due to "limited sizing" I hope this tutorial assists you in being able to alter the pattern to make it work for you!

Happy making!


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