Increasing the Size of the Mahogany Turban

Increasing the Size of the Mahogany Turban

Hello friends, and thank you for so much love on the Mahogany Turban pattern! We had such a successful launch day and I'm so happy you were able to share it with me! 

The Mahogany comes in two sizes but if you fall between sises or want to change the fit I wanted to make a post providing you with all the information on how to do so. To provide ALL of this information in the pattern was something I did not feel necessary as the turban should fit most heads but for those with more hair, larger heads or just want a really loose fit, this is for you!


-It is designed to fit a head circumference of 22-24".

-The back has two views, one pleated and one elastic. Due to the concerns bein about sizing and being able to fit more hair, we will not be discussing the pleated version in this post as it is not stretchy. I strongly recommend that those with concerns on size make the elastic back version.

-The way your pattern fits depends on how much you pleat of the front and how much elastic you use in the back casing (more on this later)

-This is a woven design. If you are using natural fibers to make this pattern daily wear will naturally stretch the turban a little bit (possibly up to a half an inch)


I personally like to wear my turban with the tab/front right above my hair line or a little behind it (see photo below). Some may prefer the turban with the tab/front right ON their forehead as well. The decision is yours and this has a minor effect on how you alter your pattern.



To illustrate the different areas of the turban I will be referencing I've provided the following diagram which demonstrates the areas of the turban that fit on specific parts of the head:

TURBAN OPENING: The opening of the turban. Part of this is gathered by elastic to fit snug on the head along the neck. Though this is not mentioned in the pattern you can opt to NOT have elastic in the back casing, you will just need to accommodate the fit by pleating or gathering more in the front so that it fits flush against your neck.

TURBAN FRONT: This part is pleated to the dot or WHEREVER IS COMFORTABLE FOR YOU depending on how you intend to wear the turban. All heads and preferences are different.

CROWN/CROWN OF HEAD: This part of the turban begins at the top of the head and ends at the turban back. There is some room here allotted for hair so it is looser in fit

TURBAN BACK: This part is gathered with elastic. So keep in mind when completely stretched out it will be at its normal height.

There are multiple ways you can alter the pattern/turban to match your desired fit. It really depends on if you are wanting to make the pattern longer or wider in measurement. To do all of these adjustments you will simply need to trace the original pattern, take a ruler and extend the lines of the pattern on the tracing paper to create your new pattern piece.


If you have a larger head and are wanting increase the circumference only then you would need to extend the turban front, turban back, or both depending on the fit you want (this is the width). I personally recommend extending the back as it is easier and the lines are straighter. You will need to measure your head and subtract seam allowance to determine the preferred width (=head circumference) of the pattern. Keep in mind that if you are using a lining with your turban you will need to make sure the circumference on the lining adds up to the turban circumference .


If you have thicker or longer hair you will want to lengthen the pattern. Be advised that there is already a fairly loose amount on the crown to accommodate those with a large amount of hair so lengthening more than necessary will make the back droopy. I recommend lengthening by 1/2" on each side and then testing the fit if the original pattern is not long enough for you.

If you want the turban front to be fuller but keep the same measurement of the rest of the turban you will need to extend the length of ONLY the front part of the turban (see below)

Keep in mind that if you have longer/thicker hair and a larger head you will need to do both of the first two adjustments. For all adjustments you will need to correspond the amount of elastic you use to the pattern as well (for elastic use in this pattern I generally use 1/2 of the width of the casing and the turban back and that is the amount of elastic I use, do what works for you).

You can purchase The Mahogany Turban HERE and use these tips to alter if needed. I hope this post helps explain how to make the turban larger for those with thicker hair or larger head sizes. Happy Sewing!


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Thank you Alexis! I listened Seamwork Radio episode 86 where you were interviewed and fell in love with your turban. I lost my hair when going through chemo and had been wearing chemo hats but with summer arriving they were getting so hot. I downloaded the Mahogany and made it with a cotton remnant. The directions were easy to follow and I had a summer hat in about an hour. I will be able to use this turban even when my hair grows back.

Patty Proffer

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