Mahogany Turban Bow Hack Tutorial

Mahogany Turban Bow Hack Tutorial

The Mahogany Turban is our best selling pattern to date and I love seeing makers pull out their favorite fabrics to make the Mahogany their own. The Mahogany Turban is a pretty straight forward sew and look but you can add some pizazz and fun styling by creating a bow in the front of it! Maker Zoe Baillie is here on the blog today to share her creative and innovative way of adding a removable bow to the Mahogany Turban and let me just say that since seeing her versions I have been in LOVE. You can purchase the Mahogany Turban HERE.
I'll let Zoe take it from here! 


Adding a bow to your Mahogany turban is super easy and very satisfying. Use matching fabric or contrast, make it huge and bold, or small and subtle. For me, the bigger the better!
Step 1. Cut your fabric and interfacing
For my large bow, I cut a piece of fabric 32 x 28cm (approx. 12.5 x 11 inches), and fusible interfacing sized 16 x 28cm. I included a 1cm seam allowance. If there's a directional print on your fabric, make sure you cut out your piece with a portrait orientation so it faces the right way.
You can make the bow without interfacing, but I find it really helps give it shape, structure and longevity. Fuse your interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric, and then fold and iron the fabric in half so you have a rectangle with right sides facing each other. 
Step 2. Sew your bow
Sew your raw edges together right sides facing. Leave a gap along one of the short edges, around half the length of the edge. Finish your edges and trim the corners to remove bulk. 
Turn your piece right side out. You may want to use a ruler or your favourite sewing room gizmo to help turn your corners to a crisp point. 
Step 3. Finishing touches
Tuck the remaining raw edges (where you turned the bow right side out) under and press. Top stitch along this edge. 
Next, gather your bow in the middle. You can pinch the middle with your fingers or sew a line of basting stitches down the middle of the bow.
My machine couldn't handle stitching all that fabric together, so I have tied my bow firmly together with elastic 
Pull the bow through the front tab of your Mahogany turban. A large bow will hold itself in place, and can be removed if you ever want to take it out (spoiler alert: you will never want to take it out.). 
Thank you so much Zoe for contributing this tutorial for the Fibr & Cloth Studio blog! If you end up using this hack please tag Zoe at @beware_of_embroidery on Instagram and of course @fibrandclothstudio! Make sure to tag #mahoganyturban and #fcmahogany as well! 
Until next time! 
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