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Elasticized Ruffle Sleeve Hack for Photinia Top

Fibr & Cloth Studio patterns are meant to be timeless staples in your wardrobe closet, living for years in spite of the ever changing trends of the fashion industry. The Photinia top and dress is a trend defying silhouette that has lived for years beyond its time and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Naturally, it was only right to pair it with this lovely ruffle sleeve detail. This sleeve modification, while trendy, still stands up to the test of timelessness and will take your Photinia top or dress to the next level of loveliness in an instant. 
Photinia Top & Dress Sewing Pattern (found HERE)
3/8"-1/2" wide elastic 
Safety pins 
***NOTE: You will want to have completed sewing your top first before doing this hack so that the sleeve/underarm seams are sewn.
I find that eliminating 25% of the gathers creates a softer gather effect for this hack. To do this you will need to remove width from the pattern. It is suggested to remove between 2-4 inches from the pattern width depending on size and preference. If you prefer the fullness of the Photinia, skip this step. 
To remove width from the pattern, fold your pattern along the fold line edge by however many inches you desire, thus moving the extra out of the way.
1. First you'll want to extend your sleeve. You can create a short sleeve version or a long sleeve version. You can extend the sleeve of the Photinia 2 ways. 
 (1) If your fabric is wide enough you can simply extend the sleeve width by creating extension lines from the top and bottom of the sleeve. You'll want to extend the sleeve at least 4 inches or more depending on preference. This works best when width is removed from the pattern. 
(2) You can also use your cuff as a guide to create a rectangle making the length according to your preference + 4 inches. Using the cuff ensures the pattern piece will fit your sleeve perfectly when sewn. Attach this piece before or after these hack instructions. 
2. To make the ruffle channel, cut a piece of fabric that is 1.25" wide with a length that measures the width of your sleeve +1". Press the long edges of the channel in by 1/4". Sew the short ends together using a 1/2" seam allowance. 
3. With your top wrong side out, pin the channel to the sleeve at your preferred height (my channel is places 3" from the edge/opening of the sleeve). Edgestitch the top of the channel first, around the width of the sleeve, leaving a 1" gap between the beginning and end of your stitching.  Edgestitch the bottom of the channel to the sleeve the full width around the sleeve, not leaving a gap. 
4. Measure your elastic to your arm to determine fit and add 1/2" to the length. Attach a safety pin to your elastic and pull the elastic through the channel, cinching the sleeve. Try your top on and adjust the elastic to your preference. Overlap the elastic ends by 1/2" and sew with a zig zag stitch.
Close the gap of the channel by edgestitching it closed. Hem your sleeve using a 1/2" hem allowance. 
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