ZW Iris Duster Hack

ZW Iris Duster Hack

This tutorial uses the Zero Waste Iris Blouse to create a long duster. This hack extends View 2 of the pattern in order to add length and create a duster that can be worn open or buttoned closed and worn as a dress. 

NOTE: You can create pocket pieces by simply adding four rectangles to the bottom of the layout. You can use the instructions for views 3 and 4 to construct the pockets for the duster.

I recommend going a size up for this hack in the event that you want to wear the duster as a dress or like the slightly slouchy oversized fit casual dusters provide. 


STEP 1 - Add the extension diagram to the layouts 

Your layout has a front bodice which consists of two pieces and a back bodice which is one piece. Sizes A and B have these pieces side by side. Sizes C-E have the back bodice on top of the front bodice.

Add the following extension pieces to the bottom of your layout according to the measurements referenced. 



STEP 2 - Cut and assemble your bodice pieces

Cut your garment pieces out. Pin the extension pieces to the bodice pieces with right sides together. 

STEP 3 - Sew the corresponding bodice pieces to eachother. 

With right sides together, sew the short end of the front bodice duster extension pieces to the short edge of the front bodice pieces. Sew the matching edge of the back bodice extension piece to the back bodice piece. Finish the raw edges. Press the seams down.




 STEP 4 - Finish sewing the garment

One the extension pieces are sewn, sew the garment according to the instructions for view 2. The only difference should be that your garment is longer than the instructions, everything else is the same in terms of construction. 







Join my Patreon for a tutorial on adding angled sleeves to your duster releasing this Friday November 10th. 

If you like this hack, let me know in the comments! If you make it, tag me @fibrandclothstudio with the hashtag #FCZWIris



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