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Hand-Sewing Stitch Guide PDF

Hand-Sewing Stitch Guide PDF

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A modern hand-stitch guide that walks you through the most commonly used hand-stitches when garment sewing. This basic stitch guide was designed to be used on its own or in addition to sewing instructions for your favorite pattern so that you can hand-sew your favorite/tried and true garment sewing designs! Stitches used in this guide are backstitching, running stitch, felled seams, whip stitch and more! 

Please note that the stitch guide is formatted in grayscale in order for those with black and white printers to be able to access and print this document. 





All illustrations in this guide were created by Louisa Owen Sonstroem, author of "Hand-Sewing Clothing - A Guide". We thank Louisa for her specially created photos for this guide! 

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Customer Reviews

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Louise Colligan
Pamphlet Review

What is written up in this pamphlet is fine but this is lacking in content. So few stitches are illustrated for the price. I was expecting many more stitches that are used daily and often. So I am disappointed and had I known that so few stitches were presented, I would have forgone the transaction.

Hi Louise!

I am sad to hear you were not satisfied with the hand-sewing e-book. ALL stitches in this guide have illustrations in the same format as the sample page in the photos. If yours did not, please let me know via email.

The stitches are mentioned in the product description with the exception of French seams and 3 different felling stitches. As the description mentions this is a 'basic' guide for beginners for common hand-sewing use, I am unsure of what your expectations were.

I appreciate your feedback and thank you for your honest opinion! I sincerely hope you find a guide that better fits your needs.

Alexis | Owner

Hurrah for hand sewing

I’m becoming converted, and working through your stitch guide - Thanks. I suggest more information about hems, I use the Seamwork guide -

Must-have for hand sewing

This guide is essential for those looking to start hand sewing. It has been so helpful to me as I work on creating a me-made wardrobe. Thanks to this guide (and the Fibr & Cloth mending kit!) I can confidently sit and stitch instead of faffing about on my phone when I'm waiting - important to me as I try to slow down and live more mindfully. Mending clothes has become a fun task rather than a drag!

Shannon Caldwell

Perfect for beginners.

All I needed to know to switch to hand sewing

I have learned to sew with a machine, but found out that I like hand sewing more relaxing. This guide answered all my questions: Which thread to use, which stitch to use, how to start and end. Thank you!!