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Aster Top // A Zero Waste PDF Sewing Pattern

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Aster is a 100% zero-waste sewing pattern meaning no paper is used to assemble it. The pattern pieces are drawn directly onto the fabric using chalk or a marking tool according to the layout in the instructions. There is no paper pattern to be printed except for the neckline templates included with the pattern. 


A modern take on the everyday knit Henley. The Aster was meant to be paired with jeans, layered over tanks, worn with sweats, and basically taken with you wherever you go. Two views featuring a quarter sleeve or long sleeve, partial placket, neckband ad hem band with some layouts featuring optional chest pockets. 

The hack guide features options for a t-shirt, dress, turtleneck and funnel collar sweatshirt. 


The versatility in fit for Aster depending on if you size up or down makes this pattern an everlasting workhorse in your pattern collection. Wear as an everyday top or a sweatshirt, layered or unlayered. Remove the placket for a simple everyday knit top. Use the hack guide to make the most of this pattern that can do basically anything. With a nod to vintage design, Aster gives you everything you've been looking for in a shirt.

NOTE: Using zero waste drafting techniques, this pattern is drawn directly on the fabric, cut and sewn together. 

Skills Needed/Gained:

  • Sewing with knit fabrics
  • Sewing a partial placket
  • Sewing and drafting a zero waste pattern 

 Adjustments, Tutorials & Expansions for this pattern:

  • Tutorial: Installing the Placket (COMING SOON) 
  • Tutorial: Cleanly Finished Neckband (COMING SOON)




View 1 is a 3/4 sleeve length top perfect for any and all seasons. View 2 is a long sleeve top with sleeve length ending at the wrist.

Both views feature angled sleeves, a partial Henley placket, neckband and waistband as well as optional chest pocket.

Choose your size according to your measurements for an everyday fit. Size up for a looser, sweatshirt like fit.



We recommend this pattern for those who have some experience in zero waste sewing. If you do not have experience in zero waste sewing this pattern may work for an adventurous beginner


Aster is best sewn in medium weight stable knit fabrics with at least 75% stretch such as rib knits, jerseys, bamboo knits and the like.

For an oversized fit, Aster can also be sewn in the following woven fabrics (note: SIZE UP if using woven fabric):

• Fleece/Flannel
• Wool, wool blends
• Quilted fabrics
• Jacquards


- Three to four 1/2"-5/8" buttons or snaps
- Light or medium weight fusible interfacing (see page 7)
- OPTIONAL: Knit ribbing for neckline (see cutting layout document for measurements)
- Matching thread
- Iron and ironing board
- Pins
- Snips / scissors


You will receive the following files via PDF format:

• ZW Aster Top Sewing Instructions (in order to receive the HACK GUIDE you will need to purchase the option that says "WITH HACK GUIDE" )

• Drafting Steps & Cutting Plan files for all views

• Template files for each size for the neck drafting

• Projector Files

This is a digital sewing pattern, not a physical item. You will receive a digital download upon payment of the product.


★ ★ ★ ★
4 Stars - this pattern has minimal to no waste. Any waste included are squares and/or rectangles of reasonable size that can be repurposed for other projects or pieces in the pattern.

No paper is used to assemble this pattern. The pattern pieces are drawn directly onto the fabric using chalk or a marking tool according to the layout in the instructions. This method of patterning benefits the environment and your fabric stash as no paper is used and all of the specific fabric is used up leaving little to no waste.

Projector files are included. Those who prefer a paper pattern can draw the pattern onto large format paper and have the pattern to use for future sewing!

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