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Photinia Blouse & Dress Zero Waste Sewing Pattern

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You thought you had enough tops and dresses with a gathered neckline? Well you were wrong. The Zero Waste version of the Photinia Top & Dress is here! A sustainable alternative to its printable twin pattern, this sewing pattern was made to fulfill your bohemian wardrobe dreams. 

The top versions feature an armhole facing for a sleeveless design and a quarter sleeve with gathered hem and cuff. The dress views feature the same details as the top views but with added pockets and waist ties. 


The romantic aesthetic of this design lends to a wardrobe staple you'll be able to dress up or down for any occasion. Additionally, the methods used to create this garment (and with a low amount of yardage for the design) are such that you finish sewing with the satisfaction that you put every piece of fabric to good use for a timeless piece you'll wear again and again. 

 Adjustments, Tutorials & Expansions for this pattern: 


Views 1 and 3 are a sleeveless top and dress with facing finished armholes.

Views 2 and 4 feature quarter sleeves that are gathered at the hem and finished with a cuff. All views have a bias bound finished neckline unless the wearer opts to use the elastic neckline hack and save the bias binding for later. Dress views feature in seam pockets.

This pattern is meant to fit oversized, however the wearer should not look swallowed by the garment when worn. This design was made to compliment various body shapes while also lending to a comfortable and easy fit without complication and fuss.



We recommend this pattern for those who have some experience in zero waste sewing. If you do not have experience in zero waste sewing this pattern may work for an adventurous beginner


Light to medium weight woven fabrics are recommended. Try sewing ZW Photinia with the following fabrics:

• Cottons- lawn, voile, gauze
• Linens- light to medium weight
• Rayon/viscose - noil, poplins, twills
• Tencel
• Silks, satins and chiffon
• Lightweight wools and flannels


- Matching thread
- Pins
- Iron and ironing board
- OPTIONAL: edgestitch foot, walking foot

- 3/8" (.95cm) or 1/2" (1.3cm) wide elastic for elastic neckline option (1-2 yards depending on preferred fit on shoulders). Size D, View 2 will skip steps 2-9 and use the elastic hack on page 19 for the neckline.


You will receive the following files via PDF format:

• ZW Photinia Top & Dress Sewing Instructions

• Drafting Steps & Cutting Plan files for all views (Top Views and Dress Views are in separate files)

• Template files for each size for the neck drafting

• Projector Files

This is a digital sewing pattern, not a physical item. You will receive a digital download upon payment of the product.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
5 Stars - this pattern has negligible to no waste

This pattern is a 100% zero-waste sewing pattern meaning no paper is used to assemble it. The pattern pieces are drawn directly onto the fabric using chalk or a marking tool according to the layout in the instructions. This method of patterning benefits the environment and your fabric stash as no paper is used and all of the specific fabric is used up leaving little to no waste.

Projector files are included. Those who prefer a paper pattern can draw the pattern onto large format paper and have the pattern to use for future sewing!

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